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Finally had time to post this :)

It’s called a Money Box Kusudama, consists of 90 units, which I didn’t really pay attention to until I started assembling it D:


(Source: youtube.com)

This origami model is called: GEKKIN
It’s the kusudama variation though.
It doesn’t take that long to complete.

I learnt it from this youtube clip: http://youtu.be/UZ_1c4P_uOI 

Kaiyou :)

I’ve finally found the time to update,
but unfortunately I don’t know the name of this origami model.
All I can tell you is that it took 30 pieces of square origami paper to make.

So, if anyone happens to know the name of it, please let me know.
Although I made this awhile ago, I’m pretty sure I learnt it from a video on youtube.

Anyway, hope you all like it. :)


Metallic blue base with red (but turned out pinkish D:) swirls then another layer of black on top. My favourite was the right thumb, in fact I did that first then I got too excited and stuffed up the rest of them :(

my poor red rose.

The flowers in these two photos are made of pastry, yes the ones you are meant to be put in the oven for a lovely pie.

My sister was making dinner (don’t worry i was helping her out too) then we had leftover pastry, so i decided to make some flowers for her :)


Just experimenting with the whole layering effect.

Background: the red is called “ruby shoes”
Spikes: the black nail polish used is called “night”
Silver: “silver glitter”

the stickers used are from vn
used a thin nail brush for drawing



I actually made a smaller version of it and this one actually fits on my thumbnail :O

It’s just a box really :/

PS i forgot to stamp the photo with Kaiyou-Sama

will be posting more soon :)

(Source: )

this is awesome!

i can’t draw, but occasionally i draw random things on my workbook (bad idea don’t do it)

so when my teachers collect my workbooks there’s the occasional weird plant like thing on the side. 

this was the last time i ever drew on my workbook :)

french, but it’s blue :)

this was done ages ago, so the quality of the photo isn’t as great (it was only 2mp after all LOLs)

hope people like it :)

lastly, no my nails aren’t always that long

Light Blue Fabric Roses

this is what i gave to my friend for their 18th (sorry it’s repetitive) i forgot about this photo until now :)

i keep forgetting to mention that it was my sister that taught me how to make this when i was little. then later on a younger friend of mine reteaches me. i didn’t realise that i had already learnt it.

yeah i can be silly :)

Kaiyou ♥.


This is a Origami Cherry Blossom Ball

you guessed it it’s from the same previous channel. obviously my one doesn’t look as good as the one in the link below. oh and it took me FOREVER to join the 30 units.

so hope you people like it :)

p.s: check out the channel it’s AWESOME ;)

This is my friend’s present (a very late one too)

It’s called a Cookie Cutter Dodecahedron

Check out the link below that’s where i learnt how to make this, that person has tonnes of other amazing videos, so check it out people :D

(Source: youtube.com)

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